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Newsletter 2014

Brian Jeremiah cast his last fly
After 13 years of unbroken service as Chairman to this association Brian Jeremiah has hung his rod up so to rolex replica watches speak for the last time. Unfortunately Brian had become ill during 2013 with the dreaded disease which is replica breitling cancer. Although Brian had been given the grievous news that he had but one year to live, which would floor most people, he really did show his determination and upbeat attitude to this life threatening horror that hung over him. Brian had been chairman to this association through the good times and the bad times but never ever gave up on this club and did all he could to help guide it to what it is hublot replica watches today. He gave his time to teaching kids at the fly tying lessons and spent much time sorting problems, selling permits and giving advice on behalf of the rolex replica association during his time at Tightlines. Brian will always be remembered for his unique personality which would more often than not make you smile. Unfortunately during his quest to beat cancer he suffered strokes which ultimately took his life from him. Brian will be missed by all who knew him.

A New Season Ahead

The 2013 season was probably the best summer we have had in years if you are a sun lover. As fishermen that lovely mix of rain and warm weather does not seem to come around too often of late. My ideal summer weather would be heavy rain once a week after dark of course followed by blazing hot weather for a whole week but that's a little like winning the lottery. The early season started as it always does with heavy water getting the river water levels up nicely but then it stopped abruptly giving way fine weather which seemed to go on and on. This lowered water levels in the river and indeed got to a stage where weed growth in the river started to rise to alarming levels. That said some really nice fish were recorded in the early season with a few fish coming to the fly at night for those who persevered. Richard Jamesley caught a fine Sewin of just under 12lb on spinner and Peter Davies with a really good sewin of 10lbs on the fly and reports of some nice fish to 5lb falling to fly at night. There really is not much more to say regarding fishing last season except to say it was poor and although the weather was fantastic it really does not help when you need to go fishing.


The Lane at Tro Will
Last season we had two complaints regarding the car park at Tro Will which was a little disappointing as it is our most valuable car park. The complaints were from residents living in the area of the lane which leads down to the car park. The first complaint was regarding the speed with which people were entering the top of the lane Please be aware that there could conceivably be people standing in the road at the turning into the lane which is a blind turning or even small animals owned by those that live in the area. The second complaint was regarding excessive revving of engines late at night at the top of the lane. It is wholly understandable that this would irk residents in the area and wholly unacceptable if it is members that are causing the distress. I say if it is members as we cannot say it was with any certainty at this point. However we have agreed that if residents get number plates for the vehicles that are causing the problem then we will deal with it in a very serious way. Please be vigilant and take your time entering and leaving the car park at night especially.

Please remember to take your litter home with you and please do not throttle your car engine excessively when leaving the car park late at night.

International Honours
This year saw two of our anglers attain the highest honour fishing can bring. Malcolm Edwards and Mathew Jones have all done so well to represent Wales in their various venues. Malcolm and Mathew are old hands at the International game with Malcolm being picked as Captain  in the autumn international at Llyn Brenig and has been representing Wales so many times he probably can't remember every venue without writing them down. Mathew was picked as Captain for the small waters international in Scotland while young Aron Jones wins his Welsh youth Cap and will represent Wales this year.

Well done to you all you are a credit to this association and the fine tradition of international fishermen that have evolved through this club.

Poaching and Pollution

Last season saw three instances of pollution take place in river the Loughor.The first was caused when emergency bank erosion work was carried out at Tirydail to safe guard an electricity substation which was in danger of falling into the river Loughor adjoining the scrap yard at Shands road. This went on for approx a week and caused discolouration in the water down to the estuary. It was reported the EA and they did attend the site but found it had full permission to enter the river to carry out the works.The  second was a far more worrying problem which was being pumped into the river at the site of the new coal reclamation site opened between Shands Road and Blaenau. The discharge entering the river Lash was pumped from the lagoons at this site at exactly the same time each night over a period of two weeks. Many members and non members reported the incidents as they happened as did I on three occasions. Eventually the EA visited the site and reported that a valve had been left open accidently. How does a valve get turned on accidently at the same time each night?. The problem has now finished and we have had no further instance of dirty water being pumped into river but I would ask that if it happens again that we need to report the incident immediately it is seen. The third instance was a little more severe. The pools between Buarthu pool and the Block Stone pool were found to contain over a 100 dead fish. Sea trout, trout and eels were reported as dead by the EA and supposedly reported to this association as a natural fish kill due to low water conditions and lack of oxygen in the water. The EA even placed a report in the newspapers proclaiming this fact. We now realise that it was in fact a poaching incident in which we believe bleach was used to remove the oxygen from the water in this area. A number of large bleach bottles were recovered at the scene along with plastic bags. Our guess is that the people responsible were interrupted before they could recover the dying fish. If anyone has any information regarding the sale of fish or who may have done this then please contact us at the association.

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