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Hendrewen Car Park

Hendrewen car park is our only car park on the lowest stretch of water we own and therefore very important to the association members. There is a steep walk down to the waters edge and an even steeper walk back to the car park. There is only room for three cars and a motorcycle so you have to be quick to get a spot. Please park responsibly as shown in the picture below to allow enough room for three cars to park at any one time. Do not park in the lane or around the entrance to the lane which is approximately 50 meters down the road from the car park as the farmer needs to be able to access his fields especially during the summer months.
As with all our car parks please take your litter home with you.


Our sign on the Oak tree at top of lane at Hendrewen


Lane down to the river is very steep so please take care


Do not park in and around the area of the entrance to lane


Please park as shown in the picture


Chris Downing having to clean up at Hendrewen after fly tippers dumped their rubbish on the car park

Garnswllt Car Park

Garnswllt car park is another of our car parks that gives us access to our middle water. It enables easy access to Two Rivers Meet pool and downstream to Tro Will or upstream towards Penybanc.
This car park is locked at all times with the access code to be found on your permit card. Please ensure that when you use the railway crossing to access out fishing that you take extreme care when getting on to the crossing as there is a slight blind spot untill you are on the line. Once accross make sure that you have closed all access gates behind you.
There is enough room for eight cars in this car park so please park your car with consideration for anyone entering the car park after you and ensure you lock the gate on departure.


Access to river accross railway. Ensure you close gates after crossing


Garnswllt Car Park Sign


Gate into Garnswllt Car Park

Tro Will Car Park

Tro Will car park is one of our most important car parks and gives us access to our middle water. It enables easy access to Tro Will pool and downstream to Hendrewen or upstream towards Buerthu.
As this is one of our most important car parks we have had to attach some rules to this car park which must be followed. As you can see from the pictures of the car park below there is a sign attached to the tree which clearly states the rules governing the car park. As a member of this club we would hope that you are able to conform to the rules because if we loose it we will have quite a walk to reach this middle stretch of water. I would respectfully remind you that there are people living in the immediate area and consideration should be exercised whilst coming to or leaving the car park late at night. Please ensure that when using the railway crossing that all gates are closed once you pass through and that you take care whilst crossing.
There is room for 5 cars only in the car park so please park as close as possible to the left or right to ensure room for anyone arriving after you.


Please park nose to hedge and allow room for other cars to park. Do not park in access across field


Please follow rules laid out on our sign in car park. There is room for five cars only and If there is no room you must leave the car park


Access accross the feild to railway crossing and river beyond. Please ensure you close crossing gates once crossed

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