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Salmon and Sea Trout Identification

Do you know the difference between a Salmon and Sea Trout ?
If not then the diagram below should help you spot the differences between the Salmon and the Sea Trout

Chart showing difference between Sea Trout and salmon

           The Atlantic Salmon - Salmo Salar (Top)                                              The Sea Trout - Salmo Trutta (Below)

1. The Salmon's eye extends no further than the mouth                 1a.The Sea Trout's eye extends further than the mouth

2. There are few markings below the fishes lateral line                   2a. Larger number of markings below the lateral line

3. The tail of a Salmon is concave (Forked)                                     3a. The tail of the Sea Trout will be square, even convex

4. The Salmon has a narrow tail base with a noticeable wrist         4a. The tail base is wide, with no noticeable wrist

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