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Listed below are all the contact numbers needed to cover eventualities such as poaching, pollution or general enquiries as to when the next competition is to be held. It may be that you have heard of a water which has become available for rent, lease or sale and would like the club to make enquiries.
The first number listed is for the Environment Agency which is a free phone number and should be your first point of contact in the event of a pollution or poaching incident.

Pollution or Poaching Incidents: Environment Agency Emergency FREE PHONE 0300 065 3000 Day or Night  (The above number is also to be found printed on your permit card.) When speaking to the Environment Agency on the above number you must ensure that you take the name of the assistant you speak with. You should also ask for the incident report reference number so that we have a point of reference to work with. It is also advised that the assistant you speak with is made aware that you will be reporting the issues to the Association Secretary. The Environment Agency have to report back to the individual making the call. Please help us to protect the river by reporting pollution or poaching immediately they are discovered.

Club Officers
Chairman: Peter Norman.

Secretary: Barry Hale  07967975337    Email  
Evening only except for emergencies Poaching or Pollution Incidents.

Membership Secretary: John Jones Email

Social Secretary:  Mathew Jones 01269 592384  Evening only Competitions and General inquiries.

Lease Secretary: David Wigly 01269 851112  Evening only Existing waters or new water inquiries.

Treasurer: Stephen Jones

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