Fishery Byelaws for the Rivers Loughor and Amman

Below are the rules which govern the waters of Ammanford and District Angling Association. There is information on opening dates for Salmon/Sewin/Trout, what baits can be used on the dates shown and the catch and release rule. 

"Please help us to run the club for the good of each and every member, and the future of the Sea Trout".


River Loughor open Season for Salmon 
Opens 20th March - Closes 17th October

Fly & Spin only 20th Mar - 15th Jun
Fly, Spin & Worm 16th June - 7th Oct
Fly & Spin only 8th Oct - 17th Oct 

River Loughor open Season for Sewin 
Opens 20th March - Closes17th October

Fly & Spin only 20th Mar - 14th April
Fly, Spin & Worm 15th April - 7th Oct
Fly & Spin only 8th October - 17th Oct

River Loughor open Season for Brown Trout & Eels 
Opens 3rd March - Closes 30th September 

Fly, Spin & Worm 3rd March - 30th Sept


Association Compulsory Catch and Release Restriction 
Any salmon caught before 16th June must be returned with minimum injury and with minimum delay. All Sea Trout caught after 31st August must be returned to the river until further notice (This is an association rule passed at the AGM 2011 to try and enhance declining stocks of Sea Trout in the rivers Loughor and Amman) Please do what you can to support this venture as the future of the Loughor as a Sea Trout river is in danger. 
Anyone caught with a Sea Trout in their bag after this date will be banned from the association.

Use of Lures & Baits 

Livebaits-Livebait is not allowed 

Floats - the use of a float in conjunction with any lure or bait to take salmon or sea trout is not allowed 

Ground Bait - ground bait or feeder bait is not allowed at any time 

Maggots & Pupae - maggots, pupae or non-aquatic larvae are not allowed 

Worms, Fly, Spinner - only natural earth worm or artificial fly or spinner may be used     

On the river Loughor & Amman  no more than one rod and line may be used at the same time. A rod must not be left unattended with its bait or hook in the water. It must be possible to exercise immediate physical control over any rod and line left with its bait or hook in the water   

Association Bag limits for salmon and sea trout 
A daily bag limit of two salmon and three sea trout in a 24 hour period  and A weekly bag limit of five salmon.   

Use of a gaff or tailer 
The use of a gaff or a tailer is prohibited at all times when fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or freshwater eels and please use only a landing net which incorporates knotless mesh.   

Removal of fish 
No live or dead fish may be removed from any waters within the Agency’s area except legally by rod & line, other than with special written permission obtained in advance from the Agency. On all rivers, streams, drains and canals, any salmon or trout hooked other than in the mouth or throat shall be returned to the water immediately.   

SAFETY - don’t cast your life away 
Fishing near overhead power lines can be extremely dangerous and has resulted in serious injury or death to anglers. Even if your rod does not come into contact with a power line, electricity can arc across and deliver a potentially lethal charge to the angler. Look up before you tackle up  

In all cases where an angler is 12 years of age or older they must hold a valid Environment Agency rod licence. Anyone that is prosecuted by the Environment Agency and is reported to this association as having been prosecuted by the Environment Agency whilst holding a current association permit will be barred from the association for poaching our water. 

Please make sure you hold a current Environment Agency rod licence. 

Ammanford and District Angling Association 2017

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